There is an arising interest on premalignant lesions: the malignant transformation pathways need to be better elucidated, as well as the predictive factors must be implemented, so to offer a better knowledge of the preclinical aspects of this disease. Similarly, the clinical aspects of OPMDs need to be studied, as at the moment no approved and efficacious preventive treatment is available.
Therefore, OPMDs offer interesting landscapes for a multidisciplinary approach involving biomolecular experts, pathologists, surgeons, medical oncologists, pharmacologists, as well as experts in design of clinical trials.

Keynote Lectures will deal with pathological, molecular and clinical issues, suggesting a strict integration with the aim to investigate new fields of research and transpose the latest findings into practice. Moreover, a round table on ethical issues and an overview about next steps to implement research is scheduled.

An appropriate time will be dedicated to the presentation of abstract and ongoing research on OPMDs, so to offer the possibility to present the latest research and to receive feedback, so to increase the cooperation with other research groups.

We will be honoured to host in Brescia a limited number of participants and the congress will be available also in live streaming.

This Congress will hopefully pave the way towards the institution of a European Network on OPMDs, committed to enhance Preclinical and Clinical research and consequently scientific knowledge on this topic.

We are very excited to meet you and to increase research on OPMDs!

The Scientific Board and Secretariat


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